Engaging, planning, experiencing, sharing

My Home Party is a unique advocacy channel for scalable activation.
It boosts an engaging digital platform that empowers hassle-free planning, powerful execution and measurable results.

Advocacy is the #1 influence factor

The unmatched engagement of trusted in-home experiences
drives more sales recommendations than other advertising can.

Word of Mouth Association 2014

 Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising 2013

McKinsey 2010

Turnkey process and community

Every My Home Party activation relies on our experienced turn-key process to create peer-to-peer advocacy. This is the powerful combination of:

passionate community of hosts

educational and intense fun experience

sponsored party packs hassle-free execution

measuring and engaging platform

Increase brand influence, lift sales

Brands generate a powerful “bottom-up” ripple effect within their targetgroup. The memorable experience, intensive education and demonstration of the products results in a stronger brand influence than any other communication channel.

Why brands work with us

My Home Party is a medium, so it is all about return on investment.
Our KPI’s ensure an unforgettable experience for partycipants
and measurable results for your brand.

massive targetted reach through our community

education and understanding

brand building equity and social content

peer sampling and consumer engagement

Interested in opening consumer doors?

reaching your target group with minimal waste
creating your consumer sales force from homes
making your current media plan more efficiently

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